This blog has breathed its last. 

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Comparison between early anime and late manga

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[ Oh hey i made a rules page, you should check it out before you rp with me u w u and it’ll get updated so make sure you visit it from time to time. ]

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"It’s open," the light haired boy called at the sound of a knock. He set down the paper in front of him and crossed his legs so he could pay attention to them. "Is there something I can help you with?" 

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noche: d.gray-man illustrations.

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♠: Full name?
≈: Mun nickname
♫: What's your gender?
☼: How old are you?
╪: What country are you from?
Ω: Show your face!
☮: How long have you been rp'ing?
♥: What fandoms are you in?
♡: Your favourite film, book and television series.
♦: Relationship status?
♣: Song you're listening to right now?
§: Favourite song?
∞: Celebrity crush?
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